EVGA Titan Hydro Copper temp vs fan?

Was wondering how much one could expect to see in difference between a titan fan and watercooled solution.
As the titan gets higer OC at lowertemps, I'm very instrested in getting one if the temps make a noticable difference.

Any one who had the EVGA copper 680 who could tell me what temps they got?
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  1. What's the unique you see in Titan that isn't in the other cards?

    It's based on Vapor Chamber cooling which is found in many Sapphire cards that's why it has lower temps than any other reference design card. If you get a non reference design card with a good cooler like the Windforce 3X or Twin Frozer IV you get better cooling and temps.

    The Titan doesn't wroth $1K, have you read that?
  2. Hm what question exactly are you answearing to -.-

    I was wondering how much cooler the EVGA hydrocopper would be than the referens titan.

    Im verry well aware that the titan has a Vapor Chamber Cooling system that many other GPU's has!
    Im verry well aware that a card like Asus Direct CUII top, which i happen to have. Have a lot better cooling than the referens 680.

    But thats not what i asked >.<

    And there are 2 reasons as to why ppl should buy this card.

    1. For those who wants the best, 4 way sli.

    2. For those who dont have space enough for SLI.

    3 For those who dont have a psu strong enough for SLI.

    4. For those who dont have enough space for a hige end card like the 680 and 7970 as the titan is smaller.

    5. For those who play with multiple monitors.
    It has 6GB memory and 384 Bus so it beats the 690 at surround and eyefinity.
    Which is the reason for why I'm gonna buy it. Yes i know that 7970Vaporiser 6gb sli would be a heck lot better and cheaper, but I cant use AMD. So thats why i need titan.

    Now can someone els pleas help me on the matter?

    Will the EVGA Hydro Copper cooling have considreable lower temps than the VaporChambor Solution.
    Now as its not released its hard to say that, but compared to the 680 Hyrdo Copper vs another 680 cooling solution.
  3. I do own a 4 way classified 680 with hydro evga blocks installed but not a titan card,
    my cards temps will range from 36-45 degree on heavy benchmarks and gaming with zero throttle issues and max OC limits.
    before I install the blocks , the cards were ranging 70-85 degree with major throttle issues and crazy noises coming from the chassis

    in sli setups I assure u WC is heaven, but IMHO i don't think its worthy on single card titan , those vapour chambers with fan profiles can hold the card at low temps but u would expect some throttles and noises ofc
  4. I have a Titan HC and temps never go above 48 degrees and I run 3 screens at 120hz usually max graphics and a boost clock of almost 1100 so I think it works pretty well.
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