670 ftw in pci e 8x slot.

So I just built a new system and my stupid pcie 16x slot bracket popped off the pins and they bent. I don't know how to put it back on or if it is possible. So I slapped my 670 ftw into the 8x slot to try out the comp anyhow.

My question is how much performance loss should I expect not using the 16x slot with this card. I have no plans of getting a second card so that parts not an issue.

Comp specs are

MB- Gigabyte z77x-ud3h
Cpu- Intel I-7 3770k
16g corsair vengeance
650 watt corsair tsx psu
cooling-noctua nh d-214
Case-nzxt phantom 410
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  1. Its like 2-3% but if you just bought it send it back for a replacement.
  2. Thanks that is not as bad as I thought. The warranty should cover it I assume I just got it today from newegg. Was lame I went to pull the Video card out so I could move some cables and I barely pulled on it even after I pushed the clamp down and the bracket just popped out.
  3. just send it back for a rma, newegg is good for that. Plus what if you want to sli down the road and now you dont have a 16x slot
  4. Yep good point thanks.
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