Upgrading from asus gtx 670 top to hd 7970 ghz!

Hi guys

I have an asus gtx 670 direct cu II top card which is working flawlessly, i love the performance and I had no problem with it, but I'm thinking to sell it and upgrade to sapphire hd 7970 GHz vapor-x card, is the performance diffidence worth upgrading? I know that my card performance almost matches regular gtx 680 and hd 7970 but how it's compared to the GHz one?

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  1. ... Resolution you play at? If 1080p, id say no way.
  2. 7970 ghz edition is on pair with 680, overclocked 7970 will be faster than a 680. i think that upgrade is not worth it so wait for better cards to come out
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