XFX Radeon HD 6450 to 42" LG 3D problems.

Hi All,

I currently have a HP ProLiant N40L plugged with HDMI into my LGLm3400 42" tv. Whenever I try 3D playback, so using VLC player or Arcsoft etc, I open the .mkv file ( SBS or HSBS ) and full screen the video, this plays the 2 x 2D images next to each other just fine, nice and smooth. I then use the TV remote to convert the SBS or HSBS images into 3D. I seem to get a partial 3D image, but it feels like the images are crossed over too much, and that the don't cross over on either of the 2 sides ( left and right). The images seem instead of been overlaid perfectly are just miss-aligned.

Not sure where the problem originates from, the server is running Windows 7 64-bit. The current graphics card driver is catalyst version 13.1, and the card is appearing on the computer as a a Radeon HD 7450, which i think is just the new name they have given the HD 6450. The TV has performed played HSBS fine before and didn't have any problems, i hooked my macbook air to the tv and it could play/align them fine.

I thought it could of been the aspect ratio of the computer plugged into the tv, as the original image size was too small so i have it on "cinema zoom 1" i have tried various aspect ratio's but they all seem to have the HSBS images mis-aligned and the 3D literally hurts your eyes to watch as it just isnt working.

Any help on this subject would be much appreciated.

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