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Graphics cards worth more then when bought ?

Hey I have a pair of Sapphire 7770s in crossfire and well I love them but I'm interested when maxwell comes out in 2014 since it will be massive in performance by the nivida charts that I have seen I would enjoy having one now I know sapphire still sells 7770s but mine are the old design not this one

And plus mine are Ghz edition and also factory overclocked and usually what my store pc case gear dose is remove all them old ones when the new ones come out so I'm sure by 2014 it be hard to find them or not really i don't know but these 2 cards will still be kicking it and be still performing well but I just rather a maxwell so when I sell these 2 cards together with a crossfire cable I was looking at $180 and I'm Australian btw I don't know what these cards would cost in the USA but would that price be worth it or would it need to be sold less to attract buyers or Am i asking too small for a card that sapphire dose not make no more in factory overclocked or in that design ? And this is my card btw
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  1. $180 for 2x second hand cards, no thanks.

    As good as they are I personally think you are asking too much, PCCG appear to be selling them for $20 more brand new.

    GPU's typically decrease in value over time, especially after a new series launches.
  2. So $150 and yes I know but that sapphire 7770 is not factory over clocked mine are and also mine are the older version of that too
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    $150 sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

    I would go up to about $160-$170, see if you can squeeze a few more dollars out of them ;)
  4. So like $165 would go for these 2 cards next year u think ?
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