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Radeon HD 5450 making displayport monitor glitch on wake-up

February 22, 2013 1:23:16 PM

I am having a problem with my Radeon HD 5450 graphics card. I am running two monitors off of it, one off of the DVI, and the main monitor off of the Displayport. My machine is a Win7-32bit OptiPlex 740 Desktop, with the drivers from Radeon's support website.

The problem I am having is when the computer tells the graphics card that it has been 5 or so minutes and the graphic card turns off the displays. When the user then attempts to bring the screens back up by moving the mouse or hitting some keys, the main display running off of the Displayport wiggs out. The display shrinks to the center of the monitor and gitters in different striped colors while flashing on and off in no specific pattern. The desktop can still be bearly seen through all of the distortion, but what is on the desktop is unknown. The crazy thing is is that this only happens when the computer tells the graphic cards to turn off the monitors; when the user tells the computer to sleep, everything is fine on wake-up.

Right now I edited the power options so that the computer never tells the graphics card to shut off the displays, but I would like to have the computer be able to turn off the monitors on a timer like normal. Any thoughts?