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2 GTX 660 SLI

Hello, I've been dealing with a faulty PSU that for the reason of the place where I live in (Venezuela) I can't return. that being said I'm a little confused about the PSU I should get

My Specs:
-Intel Core i5 3570k 3.4 ghz
-16 GB Kingston Hyper Blu RAM
-Two HDDs: a 3.5 7200RPM 3TB Seagate Barracuda and a Laptop 7200 rpm 160 GB

So, i've been using a couple different PSU calculators online and I've been getting mixed results, some say 600w is enough, some say 700w is my minimum and another one says that i need at least 800w.

Someone told me that a Cooler Master 750 w 80 plus would work just fine, what do you think?

Thank you for your reponses
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    600w should be fine so long as its a good brand. Cooler master have some good models, but overall they make a mix of poor, average and good psu's depending on the model. If you stick to brands like Antec, Corsair, Seasonic or XFX you cant really go wrong. I always stay away from any companies budget range and try to find a review of the psu i am looking at before i buy. the review must properly test under FULL load and test for noise, ripple etc. some reviewers just slap a psu in a test system, put a multimeter on it and say "it worked" and give it 5 stars, while a proper reviewer will load up all the rails with a load tester and the psu may crash and burn. Jonnyguru and Hardware Secrets are 2 of the best review sites for PSU's, and also give you a lot of good info about psu's in general. Another rule of thumb with psu's, if the price is too good to be true, then it is probably a cheap nasty product.
  2. 600w is fine 700w i go for try get one with 80 PLUS® Power Supply Bronze silver or gold
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