CrossfireX HD 7770 Mixed Review Results, Crysis 2 SPEC Q.

Hey guys..

Currently I got a AMD Phenom 2 1100T with a AMD 5870 1GB, 16GB DDR3 @ 1600MHZ / Cheapo Gigabyte GA880GM-USB3 MicroATX mobo (Temporary)

I can play Crysis 2 on Full SPEC at 1080p rez and get between 15-30fps avg
using DX 11 & High RES

I force clock my CPU to a MAX of 3300MHZ at 1.25v for all 6 cores using K10STAT

Anyone think the ASrocK High END AMD mobos are ok? like the EXTREME 4 or the TOP one.?!?

I am looking for a cheap upgrade and seen the 7770HD Crossfire Reviewed and some websites shows it KICKS A$$ and some show it performs crappy.
I have seen it Surpasses 7950 on some reviews for crysis

then seen it perform much less

I am guessing 1 year ago when it was reviewed the drivers or something might have impacted the results.

So I am asking for real world experience of this configuration. I think Amd is also gonna release a set of cards soon to fit the 7700-7800 area (Maybe a 7790) who knows! I read that somewhere about the fill gap of 7700-7800

anyways I am interested in knowing if the 7770 in CF is a good choice for under 250 AU (about 110-130each) thats cool!!!

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  1. no. crossfire 7770 is crap. NEVER start your build with low end crossfire cards. Start with the best single card you can afford, and maybe crossfire if they are at least a mid tier gpu like 7850 or 7870 in the future. not to mention the 7770 is limited in most games including crysis 2 by 1gb vram, which many modern games will fill up, and when that happens it swaps back and forward to system memory giving lower fps and stuttering. you already have a 5870, if crysis 2/3 are going to be your main games than upgrading to a gtx660 or 7870 will give you a good performance boost particularly in dx11 games and is about the same price as 2x 7770's.
  2. Thanks for your message, I will look into it.
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