Amd 7870 with a 1440x900 monitor ?

So i know my fair bit about computers, but i just don't understand all this resoulution business. I have a 19" monitor which im fine with. and since i spent a lot of money on my other parts i would rather just keep the same one. I also like playing 1440x900 it suits me just fine. but will an amd radeon 7870 be an overkill ? i like playing games on high settings and my maximum budget is around 220$ which is the price of a 7870. so will it help me achieve high framerates just like it would on a normal monitor ? please help me :)
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  1. It would be overkill @ 1440x900.
    But you would be ready if you did get a better monitor.
  2. Overkill? Not really because if you ever get a higher resolution display, you'll be better suited to support it. The HD7870 is a good GPU and offers solid performance for the $$$.
  3. The 7870 is an awesome gpu for it's price range, and various manufacturers' prices frequently dip to about $200. As to whether it's overkill, it depends on what you play. At the very least the 7870 would give you better performance in future games, but you may want to spend less on the gpu and put the cash into some other component. The 7850 would give you great performance at 1440x900 and you would save a good bit of money. Some more information such as the types of games you play, what your other parts are, etc would really help, but the short answer is that the 7870 is a great choice but you may want to spend more on the cpu mobo or psu. If possible please give me a list of your parts so I can help you better.
  4. I think my Rig could safely support the 7870 to it's full potential , i just wasn't sure if my monitor would. I plan on playing demanding games battlefield3 crysis 3 at around high/ultra settings.
  5. Yep I would go with the 7870. Also there is the 7870 xt which uses the tahiti le architecture that the 79** series does. You may want to think about that (same price as most 7870s). Just wondering, what were you thinking about getting if you didn't go with the 7870?
  6. 7870 is definitely overkill at that rez. 7850 is pretty much what you'll need for that rez. If you know you are going to get a new monitor, get a 7870 or a Tahiti LE card
  7. well i had 3 cards in mind 7850 which i'm not really that impressed with. nvidia gtx 660. or amd radeon hd 7870. out of all these the 7870 really appeald to me.

    also a question ? if i keep my resolution low (1440x900) will that give me more room for other graphical settings. could i for example put my anti alliasing up higher. oh yeah if you still wont the specs here they are.

    Intel i5 3570k at stock 3.4 Ghz speeds.
    Asus p8z77-v lx
    Kingston hyper x 8gb ddr3
    corsair cx600
    1 tb sata 3.0 Gb/s HDD
    300 Gb sata 3.0 Gb/s HDD

    and the case (not as important) sharkoon t9
  8. Yes, you can crank up the details even more at the lower resolution.
  9. Oh yeah with the rest of that system I would go with the 7870. Best price/performance ratio in that price range. Later on you could get a higher res monitor but if you are comfortable with 1440x1080 that's cool.
  10. I'l do that :D. i am planning to get other stuff like a headset maybe new mouse keyboard set up. games, cpu cooler. the monitor will have to wait probably, bu that's fine with me.
  11. Awesome! Well good luck with everything.
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