My frame rate drops, even though I have a pretty good set-up.

In games like Mass Effect 3, Skyrim and, to be honest, pretty much all games, I get about 20 fps most of the time. I don't think this is right with my set up.

Video Card: AMD HD7950 (3GB GDDR5)
CPU: AMD FX 8-core processor
PSU: Alienware 750W
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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  1. What resolution do you play at? How many mods do you have installed in Skyrim? What driver? Bulldozer or Vishera? GPU/CPU temperatures? CPU load per core? I need more info to tell if you have a problem or not.
  2. 1920x1080. 18 mods. Latest stable driver. Bulldozer.

    GPU Temp Idle: 38C
    GPU Temp Skyrim: 60C
    CPU Temp Idle: 33C
    CPU Temp Skyrim: 42C

    CPU Loads during Skyrim:
    #0: 52%
    #1: 0%
    #2: 26%
    #3: 0%
    #4: 54%
    #5: 0%
    #6: 20%
    #7: 0%
  3. Bulldozer is pretty awful. That's why. Not to mention Skyrim is only dual core optimized.
  4. Ok all that looks good, but is that showing max usage per core? Does your gpu load go up to ~99% in all games? You are right, you should be getting more than 20 fps. Do you clean uninstall, using driver sweeper or the method, between driver changes?
  5. It isn't just Skyrim. My main issue is Mass Effect 3
  6. I did a clean install when I noticed this issue and it didn't sort anything, unfortunately.

    And my GPU Load goes up to 80% in Witcher 2. Thought I'd give another game a go. I get low FPS in that too.
  7. Quote:
    PSU: Alienware 750W

    What are the specs on that? And are you forcing anything in your drivers? AA/AF/etc
  8. I've fiddled around with the control center and I find it only makes the problem worse, so I leave it to default.

    The Alienware PSU is an unknown. I only know the make and the wattage. I'd need to take it out of my computer to see the specs, unfortunately.
  9. I'm going to venture a guess and say core #0 on your cpu is at 100% when you see these dips.
  10. And what would that mean?
  11. That would mean your cpu is holding you back. OC it a little and see if it makes a difference. If so, then the cpu is the problem.
  12. Was 8-core the wrong way to go, then?
  13. Jaranja said:
    Was 8-core the wrong way to go, then?

    No but that 8 core CPU was the wrong way to go.
  14. Why's that?
  15. I'd say something's wrong indeed. With that videocard and proc u should be able to run newest games without any problems. Also your cpu and gpu don't show full load. Maybe your being limited by a wrong pci-express bus setting? Maybe you have your system set at maximum power savings?
  16. Jaranja said:
    Why's that?

    AMD's FX series came up short compared to Intels offerings.
  17. Yeah amd screwed that one up. The FX series's performance per clock is lower than that of a phenom 965 despite having double the cores. What resolution are you playing at? Even with that CPU i don't think you should be getting FPS's that low. I mean do they just drop and its all smooth for a while then they start dropping again. is that how it happens? if so then try out a different PSU if you can
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