10 inch 7950

are there any 10 inch 7950s? my case will only support a 10 inch card
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  1. The shortest one I have found is 10.5 inches:

    You might want to look at a HD7870 instead as it will fit and still provide excellent performance. One like this one:

    Be sure, whatever you get, that you power supply meets the needs of the GPU.

    Good luck!
  2. how much more performance will i see with the 7950 vs the 7870? in 720p not 1080i
  3. They are similar in performance in a lot of cases. Check this link for a list of benchmarks. Pick a test. Click AMD, then select both a 7950 and a 7870:,135.html

    BTW, what are you using now?
  4. gtx 550 ti @ 1ghz
  5. and im running 2 displays
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    You will see quite a jump in performance with either AMD GPU.

    When you look at the price and the relative performance of each, the case for the HD7870 (aside from it fitting properly) is pretty compelling.

    Good luck!
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