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Video card powers up, not recogized

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
February 22, 2013 5:04:10 PM

I have been running my video card (HD 4850) for about a year now, got it used, when one day i power up and everything looks fine, but the monitor doesn't come back from sleeping. Then i plug into my integrated card, and everything works fine.

My question is... what could be going wrong? Do I have a bad card, or is this just something that I am doing wrong?

I don't think it's specifically that i'm not getting signal, but the indicator light goes on and the fan spins just fine. IT just doesn't come to by the system's standards.

Thanks for any and all support!

February 22, 2013 5:22:17 PM

Oh, and I forgot to mention, i found it as "Other PCI Bridge Device" in my Device Manager. I am running XP and still have the driver updaters. Nothing seems to recognize that I have an AMD card, though.

[EDIT] I tried directly targeting the driver and it said it does not match my hardware. :l
February 22, 2013 5:25:58 PM

Tell us everything about the computer, Every single bit, Power supply, CPU, RAM, we need to know these things.
February 22, 2013 5:33:26 PM

160gb HDD, seagate
600w Cooler Master Non-Modular power supply
6 Gigs of ram DDR2 (two 1 sticks and two 2 sticks)
AMD Athlon II processor (X2 235E)
Soundblaster Audigy SE sound card,
And I am looking everywhere for the motherboard type, i will edit ASAP

I know that it is all copmpatible because It's worked like this for an entire year.

It just stopped working today

[EDIT] I tested inbound power from the PSU 6-pin and it is definitely recieving power