my uncles willing to buy me as a present the hd7850 on condition i give him my 7770 is it worth it and is there alot of difference ie for games like crysis 3
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  1. also if i get it would my 500 watt ocz psu be enough to power that on top of my i5 2500k
  2. The 7850 is a good upgrade from the 7770 imo, i think its a good deal ;)
    and the hd 7770 runs at about 80w and the 7850 at 130w, so i think you'll be good to go
  3. 500W is enough for your 2500K + 7850, I'd say go for it. You won't lose anything. If you were upgrading just for yourself and a nice improvement, you'd want something like a 7870, but yes. A 7850 is a good upgrade :)
  4. ok thanks what u think chances o running crysis on hight to ultra an 1080p as i can run it on high in 1366x768 at the mo
  5. What sort of uncle's do that ? kindest thing my uncle did was cook breakfast for me once :D sure go for it there is actually a big performance increase.
    and crysis on ultra ? humm i say around 15-20 fps
    lower it to high maybe around the 30 fps area
  6. i ment crysis 3 lol i cant allready run crysis warhead on enthusiast pretty well,, and can already run crysis 3 on high in 1366x768 nice ,, hes a top uncle lol :)
  7. hi i decided to put money towards and get a 7870 ,, love the card almost maxed out crysis 3 with it in 1080 :D just wondering what the hell is all this about powertune is it a program i need because the drivers disc wouldnt boot so i had to download them??

    or do i already have it? and how do i change the settings
  8. Why would you ask! Its better and your getting it for free. Free is always good !
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