How much faster is a 670 compared to a 7970

We all know the 7970 is the fastest "affordable" single gpu solution with the GTX 680 not far behind it. And we also know that the 670 is a couple % slower but significantly cheaper. Just exactly how much faster is a 7970 compared to a 670?
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  1. Significantly cheaper? Nope. Can get a 7970 at around $380 right now on Newegg. 670s are in that range. So right now the 7970 is the fastest single GPU, cept for Titan, and probably the best overall bang for the buck.
  2. Yea you can get a 670 for really cheap with the pny solution which gets down to $320 but normally the respectable 670's hang in the 350-400 dollar mark. I'm not sure I would say 3-5% at most with the 7970 and the 670. They are pretty close to one another I would say. And with the 680 less then that.
  3. Okay, maybe not significantly, but its a lot cheaper. Thanks for the help so far.
  4. Quick question, difference between the EVGA 670 FTW and the FTW LE version?
  5. What? I can get the 7970 for cheaper. And a 7970 has a 384 bit memory bus, vs 256 bit gtx 670. It is faster as well, the GHz edition even beats the GTX680. Recent benchmarks with latest drivers for both AMD and nVidia showed this.

    I would really pick up the 7970! Preferably GHz edition
  6. I'm not sure he is looking to purchase a card just more then anything curious. And bus wise the 7970 pulls ahead in higher resolutions however that being said with people using 1080p, and 1200p panels the 670 and the 7970 are fairly close to one another. And of course the 7970 ghz is a good option as well however isn't apart of the discussion of comparing the cards.

    Pretty good comparison. 7970 is a good chunk faster but uses more power and is more often than not louder.
  8. Well the only reason why I don't like that article is that it came out in November shortly after a AMD driver release and then Nvidia responded with one in early November and have been releasing little drivers between now and then.
  9. You are right I am not buying just clarifying which one is better. I think the 670 would be a better buy...
  10. Yeah like which one is faster: The Ferrari or the Lambo and then which one is cheaper....Basically pick the one you like the looks of and drive it like you stole it. Price is not the concern at that point. Same with those two video cards...
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    Yea I agree I feel like you get whatever is cheapest with those 2 cards however that all changes for example if you are doing multi monitoring amd if you are doing 3d most likely nvidia so variables do change things.
  12. If you're into overclocking, a 7970 at 1.1GHz will destory everything. You can get a good custom cooler from the manufacturer anyway.
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  14. A 7950 would be better imo. You'll also get two games with it.
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