Geforce 9800gt driver blackscreen help

i got the latest drivers for my geforce 9800 gt which is version 314.07 i clicked down at the bottom for a clean install, it went through the installation had the option for me to reset or not. I clicked restart, it restarts, black screen then it says no_drivers then my mobo logo pops up then no_drivers black screen. I let it sit there for acouple minutes expecting it to boot up to windows and nothing happen just a black screen. So here's what i did after.
1. tried booting up in safe mode, still black screen
2. tried booting up in safe mode with vga, still black screen
3. swapped video card to a different slot on the mobo, tried booting from safe mode, black screen.
I have the feeling that if i had'nt clicked for a clean install i wouldn't be having a problem.
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  1. i found the solution with the help of my techie friend. Put your windows installation disk in your disc drive and reset. Keep hitting delete to bring you to your motherboard menu, select boot menu and boot from your disc drive, when windows asks if you want to repair your computer dont click that as it will take you to repair console and that will not work. Pick setup windows, that will take you the next section that asks if you want to repair windows or set it up. Pick repair, windows will then go do its thing checking files and running off the disc in your disc drive, it will look exactly like its setting up a new version of windows except its just repairing what was broke. I looked all over the internet and noticed there were more than afew people with this exact same problem but no answers, I hope that my problem and the answer to is it is stickied. I hope this helps others.
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