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Hello, I have a 7870 joker edition OC'd to 1250MHz/1650MHz but the problem is that it fluctuates constantly between 1250 and its stock 925. This is a problem because there is artifacting, a lot of it, and it becomes very unstable, however whenever I rarely get it to run at 1250/1650 constantly it doesn't go above 68-70degrees and it works fine for hours on end. But when I get it to work and then restart my computer I have to *** with MSI and CCC to get it to run at 100% speed again, what's the problem here?
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  1. One item of note is that usually, when I set the OC too high on the clock speed while it's fluctuating I can force the GPU to crash, when it recovers from this crash it becomes dead stable at 1250/1650 and stays at that setting untill reset, I have no idea what this could mean but forcing a crash every time I want to run at stable clock speeds can't be good for my GPU, could it? Q.Q


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  2. Should I return my GPU?
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