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I keep trying to play crysis 3, and every time I start the game the monitor goes black and displays a message "out of range" and I then I have to reset my computer. I have the most up to date drivers for my video card, the game worked fine around 2 hours ago. The settings for the game were left at 1920x1080 and 60hz, which is what the monitor is supposed to be able to do. I tried starting the game in compatibility mode and with a lowered resolution and still I am left with a black screen and that damn message! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Other games work just fine, it just seems to be crysis.
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  1. Have you tried re-installing Crysis 3?
  2. Well i googled your issue and some people said modifying some INI file worked.. it is a rare error so no one really has a fix for it
  3. yea, I tried that, it worked and then I went to change the resolution settings in the game to see if I could dodge the problem on start up and then it immediately went out of range again and now nothing it the monitor that is causing the problem? anyway thanks for the help
  4. It could be the monitor. model of monitor please?
  5. Hey bro. If your still reading this.. Change your refresh rate.. Your monitor might be clocked beyond its standard refresh rate.
  6. the monitor has a fixed refresh rate, and the refresh rate in game in set at 60hz, this happens now in Civilization 5 too, the crysis problem literally just magically fixed itself
  7. Well.. this is a wierd issue. however I don't know of ANY monitor ever to have a FIXED refresh rate
  8. the monitor is a westinghouse L2610nw, and I am using the HDMI input
  9. It might not have "fixed" refresh rate I just assumed because in the options menu on the monitor you can not adjust it and when I change the settings in the catalyst control center it just automatically reverts to the 60hz it is set at.
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