Number of Full Tower Case Fans?

Hello folks.

What is the most standard and/or most common number of cooling fans (other than the CPU fan and the PSU fan) for a Full Tower computer case to come with (when you buy a computer system or a computer case)?

Where are all of these fans most commonly and/or most standardly located in such a computer case?

For a computer that is to be used for digital video editing and 3D animation, (in case it matters), but is not to be overclocked, would the above standard/common fan scenario: fall a little short of safe / be ideal and just right / be more than enough?

Thanks much as always,
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  1. I take you mean fan bays?

    Full towers tend to come with one at the front and two at the back. I used the one at the front, cut a hole and put one on the side over the CPU/gfx card, glued clear plastic over the two fan bays at the back, and cut holes for two on the top.

    Best way to go about it is make sure all the fans are the same, so they have the same power. Have an equal amount of intake as exhaust, and try to place them so a constant airflow direct heat backwards/upwards. This prevent pockets of heat building up.

    PIII GHZ, temps are low to mid thirties at full load, low to mid twenties on idle.

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