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I recently upgraded my OS from Win XP to Win7 64bit. Everything ran well with XP but started having some system crashes once in awhile. I had been wanting to change the OS and figured this would be a good time. So, I formatted my hard drive and did a clean install. Installed the same games, and software I had before but now they run like crap. Very choppy, freezing, almost like it's lagging but not an internet connection problem. Then they will run fine for a few minutes.

Same thing while browsing the internet, no matter what browser I use. The window will not respond sometimes for up to a minute, then it will work. The only thing that changed on my computer was my OS.

My comp stats.

OS Win7 home prem 64bit
CPU AMD Phenom II X4 955
Ram 4GB Single channel DDR3 1333
Graphics GeForce GTX 550 Ti
Hard drive Western Digital 488GB

Any suggestions?
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  1. make sure you have installed all the drivers. drivers for graphics card, drivers for the motherboard
  2. Hello,

    Have you run Windows Experience Index yet?

    Click on start -> Right click on "Computer" and select properties. Now select "Run windows experience Index".

    Do you have the latest drivers?
  3. yes, Ive installed latest drivers and ran the WEI. I have a score of 5.9 Everything is 7.3 or higher except my disk data transfer rate for my hard drive which is 5.9. Ive run chkdsk and found no errors. You think it could just be a slow hard drive causing this? Even for browsing the net?
  4. Ok.

    Hmm. How old is your Hard drive? Have you tried going to western digital and download one of their HDD scanners to see if there are any problems?

    It almost sounds like your HDD or CPU is having an issue.

    What is your HDD set to in the BIOS, IDE or AHCI? It is reccomended you use AHCI.

    However if it's set on IDE, you will need a software fix to change it to AHCI before changing it in the BIOS.

    Edit: Can you open up Task Manager, and go to the processes tab - once it's open try and do exactly what you did again and see what is going on, or if there are any programs taking more the 30-40% of your CPU power, or RAM.
  5. The HDD is only a few years old. Dont know if that is old or not. But it does seem like it could be the HDD. Although, many times when it freezes, the cpu fan speeds up alot.

    As far as the IDE vs AHCI thing, im not sure how to change that.

    Im gonna check now to see if I can make it freeze. the problem is that its not always a certain thing that makes it freeze.
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