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LCD Monitor OC possibility discussion

a b Î Nvidia
a b C Monitor
February 23, 2013 12:09:31 AM

HI guys! I would just like to first say... Holy crap we can increase our monitor refresh rate now with NVIDIA Titans drivers?????????

Back to calm... So yeah it seems like Nvidia just went full awesome with a new driver that may or may not be exclusive to the GTX Titan that will allow an increase in refresh rate above native.

This is VERY significant for owners of HD+ 1600p resolution monitors as there simply is no panel available with a higher refresh rate at ultra high resolution.
Although I do not own one of these monitors, I would love to be able to do this on my meager 1080p 23" IPS monitor.

Why else do we have so much graphics horsepower if we can not see it? :pt1cable: 

So my discussion is...
1. Opinions?
2. Anyone try this yet? What was your experience and max achieved refresh rate and with what monitor?
3. Do you think Nvidia will update their drivers for this to be available for GTX 6xx series cards?
4. Have you heard of any other method of increasing native refresh rate?
5. What are the chances AMD will try something similar?