Card suggestion please?

Hello all,

I'm having a hard time choosing a new card for my new build. I haven't been keeping up wit news and trends in the last few years so now I'm trying to play catch up...

So I'd like to be at or under $350, this card will be going into the following:

ASRock Z77 Extreme4 mobo
Core i-5 3350p
16g ram
120 SSD w/ 1TB HDD

I've never owned a ATI/AMD card before, but I'm not against it. And I currently own an 8800GTS

is having something running in SLI with the 8800GTS worth doing?
is have 2 middle of the road cards in SLI/crossfire worth it?

so...any suggestions?
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  1. 660ti its close to a performance of a 670 and out dose a 7950
  2. what about a 7950 boost?
  3. Sure but If it was me I'd go with the 660ti not just for the performance but with what it dose in terms of if you to a h video editing any photoshop any after effects any editing program's Cuba cores will help that in terms or rendering fast and making it easy but its up to you
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