I own a Dlink Dir 615 router.

Right now, its running fine, and I am able to access it wirelessly throughout the house. We even have a printer as a shared printer. My problem right now is that its not secured, and I want to secure it as much as possible, so that a password is needed. I want security type to be WPA2 PSK. I also want to make sure that when I do this, that I do not disrupt the shared printer situation, as the last time I tried doing this, I noticed that I no longer could print and I had to reset the router. Lastly, is there a way for me to control the range of my signal, so that I can make it long enough for my needs but not anymore than that?
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  1. If the printer is not wireless, changing wireless security won't affect it. If it is wireless you need to read the manual for it to see what standards it will work with.

    You can't change the range on the wifi signal unless you line your walls with aluminum foil or something and get lead windows.
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