8800gt freezing system

A friend of mine gave me his old 8800gt and I've had problems with it. I know that the temps on those cards are high so I have no real problem with that, However I get random lock ups with strange triangle like squiggly lines all over the screen. I have a 500 watt power supply so I don't think that is a problem.

Any help would be really appreciated, I don't want to go back to my 9500gt.....
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  1. the GPU could be going caput
  2. Could be no telling how long my friend had it. my idle temps are usually around the late 50's up to 80 on full load. But as I said before 8800's are known for heat.
  3. Yea just look on youtube, NVIDIA made a marketing video showing off the blow dryer effect :D
  4. Hah, seen it.

    Still looking for solutions though, if anybody has any.
  5. It might be too late for that card, but you could try to find a cooling solution for this card if one still exists...
    Otherwise start looking for a bargain GTX650ti or HD7850...
  6. Yea honestly dude a 8800GT is in retirement now.. time for "the new"

  7. Hah my rig is from 2006, i'm just trying to squeeze as much as a can out of what I have.
  8. Bro.. you have squeezed all you can get out of it I'd say.. 7 year old desktop is.. yea.....
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