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Nvidia GeForce GT 430 Overheating

February 23, 2013 2:16:44 AM

Hello all,

I am currently having an issue with my basic Nvidia GeForce GT 430. Its overheating like crazy. I have not had an issue with the card over the past year playing games like crysis, planetside 2 and others for multiple hours in a row. Now when i turn on Amnesia or any basic game the graphic card goes to 90+ within 5-15 minutes. And it doesn't stop going up. When i first noticed the card was starting to pass the 100 mark.I have 2 fans so its not air flow.

Also a weird thing happened few days before i noticed the problem. I was trying a beta of war frame and after about an hour or 2 the whole system went down on me. My gpu was overclocked but it has been for longer before(always safe temp).

What could be the problem? When i browse internet with full fans it stays at 42. With Netflix it goes up 50. Sorry for all the information i just wanna let u guys know exactly what my situation is. Any help will be greatly appreciated cuz im stuck.