Internet is suddenly slow for no reason

Hello, my Internet has been acting up lately, generally I get download speeds of 1 mB/s but now I barely even get past 50 kB/s. Also whenever I attempt to download something I get large amounts of ping (500-900). Does anyone have an idea what is causing this problem? I have roadrunner if that helps.
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  1. Reboot your cable modem, and your router if you are using one.

    After rebooting both of those go to and see what it has your speed listed as.
    that is before I reset my router
    that is after

    It has never acted like this before, speedtest used to report 10mb/s...
  3. Did you try connecting directly to your cable modem? That will be one of the first things Time Warner asks so I would go ahead and try connecting directly to the cable modem and rerunning the test. You may also want to try a new cable if you have one you could use.

    Other then those I would say check the drivers for your nic, but that wouldn't make a lot of sense based on that it was working fine unless you had just recently upgraded them. If you have any other devices you could test with that would be helpful as well. Basically ruling things out until its narrowed down to being an issue with TWC.
  4. I tried to connect it directly, but I'm still getting the same performance.

    This is extremely puzzling, and I can't seem to find the solution to this at all. I'm starting to think that it's a problem with RoadRunner.
  5. If you connected directly to your cable modem, and dont' have another device you can test with it seems like you've pretty much got to contact TWC at this point.
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