Should I get Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon? What about HIS IceQ X2 Radeon HD?

Please help me determine the difference between these cards.

What are the pros and cons of each? Be detailed and specific because I don't understand everything.
I've been googling all this for a week now and I can't figure anything out. I'm even more confused now.

The HIS IceQ X2, i've seen get better performance, but it's LESS expensive than the other 2 cards. How is that?
What is the downside to it? I'm looking to be doing some extreme gaming and a TON of rendering.

I just need everything cleared up before I go out and buy a $1000 worth of components.

Thanks :D
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    Nvidia 680 is generally more expensive ($50) a bit faster (5% at most) than an AMD 7970. The IceQX2 7970 has a lower price tag maybe because it is on sale...
  2. So the IceQ X2 really is a better graphics card?
  3. I hope so... How is the feedback on that card on say... newegg?
  4. Mostly good feedback. People had issues with it suddenly dying, so I picked up a 4GB R270x for sub $150 on sale.
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