XFX 7970 vs. Sapphire 7970

Hello, I know this topic has been discussed before, but I have never really gotten a satisfying answer.
I'm looking at either buying the XFX 7970
or the Sapphire 7970

With rebates and what not, XFX comes out to $350 and Sapphire at $390. They also come with free games but that's not really a factor that I'm curious about. I've heard to stay away from XFX but what do you think?
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  1. I've always had great luck with Sapphire. I've owned two gpu's from them, and not had any issues. I just ordered the Sapphire you listed. What I would do is stick with a brand that you've had good experience's with. I dont know much about xfx, and i've heard the same thing about them. To be honest I personally wouldnt spend 400+ on something that I had any doubts on. I can give you some advice from my experience with Sapphire, every product i've owned from them were great, and I will always return to them. Hope this helps, if not im sorry, but I tried :)
  2. 7970 is a amd gpu . other manufacturer buy that card from amd then change the sticker and custamise some fans to look cool . u r really need is custamer service so search which company is nearest thats enough. and watch the price which is low .
  3. XFX isn't a bad brand, I've never really encountered anyone who said to stay away from them either.

    Though I *do* tend to stay away, it's because most of their cards are rebate heaven, and most people don't really wanna deal with all that hassle. They also like to put a high price tag on cards with the Double Dissipation cooler.

    In terms of performance though, I doubt they differ from other brands. Double D isn't a bad cooler either.
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    At this point all you should really look at which games, they're both good manufacturers AFAIK. The coolers are powerful and quiet, they both have good warranties but xfx has a better one(lifetime warranty).
  6. Well the Sapphire i just got played crysis three and it died and its brand new! Less than 2 days!
    Do companys do qc tests? Like load testing im not very happy with them right now. Sapphire customer support looks like a joke to.
  7. I'm pretty sure Sapphire does QC, though bad apples will always make their way in and I'm guessing you were unfortunate enough to get them.

    If you bought it from Newegg, they have great RMA services, you don't have to bother with Sapphire support just yet.
  8. Yea im hoping the replacment wont do the samething. There a know issue with them shorting out from reviews im reading
  9. i think most companys cut coners on qc checks. basically turn it on "works" pass. They need to load test them.
  10. Thanks for all the help guys, I'm gonna go with the XFX.
    The $40 difference is significant enough, plus the free games...
    Here's hoping it doesn't die day one!
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