Good fps but still lag? crysis 3

I have been playing Crysis 3 and tried using 13.1 and 13.2beta.
In 13.1 I get way lower constant fps but no real stuttering
In 13.2 I get very good fps like 30-40 more but i get random stuttering i think during fights
I am using high settings with no motion blur or AA.
My FPS is good during close explosion fights but i still get lag/stuttering.
I thought it was my internet because i was getting 100-140 ms but with the 13.1 that didnt matter

1. If i OC my 2600k to 3.9 will it help at all?
2. Why is this happening?>
3. I heard you can not OC well on 13.2beta

i7 2600k
16GB 1333mhz RAM
Radeon 6990

Please help this is really bugging me because I have good fps and everything looks nice.
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  1. You have a dual gpu card what you are seeing is called microstutter.
  2. is there anyway to fix it? or wait for drivers?
  3. From what I understand its more of a hardware issue with 2 Gpus. But can be alleviated in triple and quad configurations. I was running 2 GTX 580s and had a bit of microstutter in some games and adding a third card seems to have fixed it. Adding a 2ND 6990 may solve the issue. Lowering seeing to get higher fps helps also.
  4. hello, I've got just lag everytime but my computer is ok.
    what to do? btw i downloaded it.



    MSI 970A - G46 AMD 970 Chipset


    AMD - Zambezi FX-8150 8x3.60GHz 8Core

    graphic card

    Nvidia® Geforce GTX660 2GB GDDR5

    work memory

    16GB (16384MB) DDR3 PC10666 1333MHZ


    1.0TB (1000GB) Sata-II


    All in One


    8-kanaals (7.1) Realtek ALC889


    Realtek® 8111D 1Gbit Lan

    USB 2.0

    9 x

    USB 3.0

    2 x


    1 x

    other ports

    9xUSB 2.0, 2xUSB 3.0, RJ45, 1xPS2

    sorry for my bad english, ;)
  5. Practically you are running crossfire and this happens frequently with crossfire configurations.Try enabling triple buffering from CCC and Vsync in-game.I noticed it was about the same FPS but it felt smoother.And there is 13.2 Beta 7 out now so you may wanna try that to-it fixes a few things!
  6. Yea, anytime your running dual-gpu you can run into micro-stutter. I'm personally not that picky, so I don't really notice it :) But for those of you that pick apart every detail, well there's no denying its there, and no real way to "fix" it that I know of.
  7. I just lowered my settings put on triple buffering and LOWERED my fps cap by alot, i still get lag in the beginning of rounds but i heard its for everyone. Funny thing is in single player i get no stutter but in mp i do
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