Need help with buying GPU upgrade

Hello everyone, it is my first time asking something on this forum even though I got many answers here as this site ends up on top of Google search list very often.

I want to upgrade my VTX HD 4650 graphics card, but i don't quite know which one would be a good choice.

My PC spec:
- Athlon II x2 250 3.0ghz
- vtx hd 4650
- 4gb ddr2 RAM
- 550w MS-PRO power supply

Now, I think of buying one of these:
GPU: Price where I live(I include this as price differs a lot from US prices in dollars):
- hd 6670 ddr3 450HRK - 1gb ram, 490HRK - 2gb ram(probably useless extra gb of ram for me)
- hd 6670 ddr5 550HRK - 1gb
- hd 7750 ddr3 630HRK - 1gb
- hd 7750 ddr5 700HRK - 1gb

My CPU is rather low end now days and I don't have the money to upgrade it, even if I would find an upgrade these days when 95W quad-core Athlons II and Phenoms II are sold out where I live.

I wanted to know which of the GPUs above would work with my CPU. I know my power supply isn't much but these cards I listed have the same power consumption as the one I have now. Also, the money i would like to spend is not more than 550-600HRK, but I can wait for 7750 to drop in price when 8000 series comes out.

I gave this a lot of thought over the last 2 weeks and I think these are the key questions:
Is 6670 with ddr5 ram better than 7750 with ddr3?
Is my CPU good enough to push GPU on ddr5 enough memory bandwidth?
Is it even worth buying 7750 with this CPU?
Is it a good idea to buy 7750 thinking I could buy a new PC in a few years(2-3) and then transfer the card, and would too strong GPU somehow damage my CPU(overheating, I have stock cooler, but CPU never exceeds 35-40°C even under full load)?

I'm sorry this is a wall of text, but I really gave this a lot of thought.
Thank you for your answers.
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  1. Just checked, but it seems I can't edit my question(title), dunno why
  2. I'd go with the GDDR5 7750.
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