Which GTX 660 is better?

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  1. There running the same clock speed and both 2gb. So it comes down to price, warrenty, and heatsink preference. Warrenty is same 2yr warrenty. So do you spend 20eur for the heatsink on the MSI or pocket that money and go with the PNY.
  2. Here is a review of an faster MSI one, the PNY should be comparable to the reference one/EVGA OC

    The PNY and MSI will have about the same noise level it seems but the MSI one is gonna be quite a bit cooler so that is a big factor. Depending on your case though, you may actually prefer the PNY since it vents out while the MSI blows air around inside the case with only about half the air venting out.

    Both have 3 years of warranty AFAIK
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