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GTX 670 vs 7950

February 23, 2013 8:59:07 AM

I noticed that the 670s are down to 309 USD which places them directly against the 7950, and I'm looking to buy!
Right now I'm leaning towards the nvidia card, although historically I buy mostly AMD.
The stock 7950s have better power consumption, but overclocked, and AMD starts sucking down the wattage. I won't need to OC the 670 much if at all.
Noise wise, I can buy a 7950 with a much better cooler for cheaper than a 670. I'd have to buy a reference cooler design for the 670 and modify it for quieter noise levels later on, for my budget. I'm not spending 360+.

I am well aware that the 670 is only on a 256 bit interface, as well as having 1gb less RAM and has terrible compute compared to the 7950. I'm very aware that in the future, games will put more emphasis on using compute resources for shading and other graphical effects.
I'd take a 7950 over a 660ti any day, but against the 670? I'm definitely thinking twice. Power consumption and dba are king for me. I want to build a gaming system and tweak it for under 200w at load, and under 40w idle.
It seems like with an aftermarket cooling solution, the 670 may be the card for me.
I found this thread and was amazed. I'd totally do this to my 670.

I could always buy a 7950 with a better than stock cooler and only do a light O.C.. It may actually lose out to the 670 at that point, but less work involved, since I wouldn't have to replace the reference cooler.

What are all your opinions? Which would you take?
I noticed that in the tom's guide, the 670 is still recommended for more money.
Thanks guys, looking forward to your input. :love: 

I forgot to mention that this will be at 1920x1080, both on an IPS monitor or on a projector for pulling HTPC duty. The memory bandwidth disadvantage doesn't seem to hit too hard with that resolution.

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