Help in Choosing a Wireless WiFi PCI Adapter for my Desktop

The problem is that the Router is a floor up around 5-6 meters from the PC maybe
Both my Androids only just barely connect, with around 20-30% Signal Strength
I dont wanna go out and buy a WiFi Card and then find out that it doesnt even connect to the network
I was hoping for a little help here choosing my budget is around 20$
Is there anyway to connect an antenna to the Card - What I mean is have an antenna fixed on my ceiling which is connected wirelessly to the Card (And its own antenna), Thereby kinda acting as an extender ?
Id rather avoid any cables and wires here
The connection isn't much for speed - Around 200-300KB/Sec tops
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  1. I would buy a USB wireless dongle rather than a card.

    There are some wireless cards that have detachable antennas that you could extend with a cable to get it closer to the router, but why not fix all your wireless issues and run a CAT 5e cable from the router upstairs down to your computer and then add a wireless card configured as an access point so that all of your wireless devices have a good signal? You could also simply place a wireless router at the end of the Ethernet cable and configure it as an access point rather than using a PC wireless card to do it. There are many possibilities to improve your wireless.
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