Gfx card for GW2, Dota2,


My rig is as follows :
AMD Phenom II 720 - 2.8ghz
Asus M4A78T-E Motherboard
350W PSU

Resolutions looking to play at:
1920x1080 primarily
but also willing to play at 1680x1050 if it helps to get a cheaper card.

I am looking for a card that can run
Guild Wars 2
Dota 2 and other MMOs

WITHOUT LAG (fps drop). I am sick of ****in lag. Please no more.

I am currently looking at Radeon 7850 and 7750. Will the 7850 1GB version be sufficient?
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  1. The 7850 should be plenty for both games.

    What brand is your PSU? 350w could technically still run a 7850, but it's a bit on the edge so if it's an off-brand, I suggest not risking it.

    EDIT: Both those games are pretty reliant on CPU power as well, so you may be limited on that side with that Phenom.
  2. Gw2 is gonna kill your cpu. Gw2 is so cpu dependant that anything over a 7770 is not going to change anything. MMO's are generally hard on the cpu.

    Suggestion if you can is to buy the 7850 and then later replace your cpu + mobo+ PSU.
  3. I'd go with a 7770.
  4. the phenom is a black edition. will it be a bottle neck even if i overclock it?? also i heard that i can try unlocking the 4th core of the cpu (its a 3 core now)
  5. We can't really tell for sure exactly, you'll have to check and see for yourself.

    And yes, you can enable the 4th core in the BIOS, but I read it's unstable after a certain clock speed. Best to check with Prime 95.
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