Dell u2711 vs 1920x1080 dell s2240l resolution and pixel pitch

I am currently using a dell s2240l 21.5" monitor, it's ah-ips 1920x1080, really happy with the image quality but is just a tad small for my liking, looking into getting the dell u2711 2560x1440. In my searching i have discovered both have a pixel pitch of 0.233, does this mean that the resolution will basically be identical as the 2560x1440 is spread out over 27 inches as opposed to the 1920x1080 spread over 21.5 inches? If so that would mean all your really gaining is the extra real estate of 6.5 inches, yeah? thanks.
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  1. Basically, yes. The PPI is almost exactly the same (I went from a 21.5 inch Benq to a 2560x1440 Crossover, and it wasn't much clearer). The screen is much bigger though, and you'll definitely notice it. Honestly, since you already have an IPS 1080p monitor with the same pixel density as a 2560x1440, you've already gotten the color benefit too (Which is the awesome thing about IPS panels). I wouldn't say its worth it, spending close to 3/4 of a grand to get an extra 10 cm of room.
  2. Yeah, well that is what i was thinking. It's a very expensive upgrade for 6.5 inches. The monitor im using now was a bargain, the u2711.. not so much lol. I did have a samsung 27 inch s27a950 which is meant to be top of the line and it does seem quite a bit bigger, but i like the clarity on this one more, so dont think i would want to go any bigger without the extra resolution but money wise it just doesnt seem worth it for such little improvement.
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