Are my temperatures ok? XFX 7950 dual monitors.

I was reading about before hand about the temp jumping when plugging up a second monitor. I've literally just made this build (my first ever) and I prefer the opinions of enthusiasts above an article not specific to my situation. So is it running too hot or is it ok to keep it running?

I have my first monitor plugged into the HDMI port and the second in DVI. Heres my temps:

Also my GPU clock keeps dropping to 500mhz. Anyone mind explaining? Thank you.
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  1. Not sure about those temps (i don't run dual monitors)
    Is it a reference or non reference cooler?

    As for the clock speeds droping, that's normal while idle, if it is happening under load try increasing the power control setting to +20%.
  2. I think is a bit too hot. You should at least get it around 50C.
  3. If I disconnect the second monitor it will drop like 15c, so I dont really know what to do. Ditch the monitor or just carry on? Just a bit paranoid as it's my first build :D

  4. The screenshot is of my HD6950 running a triple monitor setup, depending on your cooling and ambient temperature I would say those temperatures are normal. Though I thought HD7000 series had improved multi-monitor temps.

    Like explained above the GPU will definitely downclock itself when idle and if you were a on single monitor it would probably go as low as 150-250MHz on both the core and memory clocks which explains the much lower idle temps for single monitor setups.
  5. Oh so the problem is not on the hardware. It's the driver...
  6. refillable said:
    Oh so the problem is not on the hardware. It's the driver...

    Not really. From my understanding, the card has to work harder to maintain a smooth and synchronized unified desktop spanning the different monitors and thus both the core and memory clocks can't downclock to single monitor levels, without introducing lag to the desktop, which results in higher temperatures since the new idle clocks for multi-monitor setups are higher.
  7. The problem with the driver is that it is not able to find the proper idle clock speed to run multi-monitor which does let the computer run lag-less and still maintain a good idle temperature.
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