9800 gt(desktop) vs gt 650m(mobile) 2gb ddr5.

which one of the two tops...???
I didn't find any thread providing a satisfactory answer....can anyone help...??


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  1. The 650M is better, but is a mobile card... Are you trying to decide between a laptop and desktop? Because you can't put a desktop card into a laptop and vice versa.
  2. i am comparing the mobile gt 650m with the desktop version of 9800gt....

    so the gt 650 m tops the battle......
    by what margin????
    any ideas..??
  3. The 9800 gt's 3DMark score was around 713 while the gt 650m's was about 2301. As you can see there is a very significant advantage for the 650m. It will be perform much better.
  4. Things are not as simple as a sweep 3dmark scores, depending on the game a 9800gt 1gb can very easily come close especially when overclocked but the 650m being gddr5 it will maintain a solid advantage.

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