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Hi i have a 3570K @ 4.2Ghz on an ASUS p8z77-vDeluxe board with 8GB kingston 1600Mhz RAM a sapphire OC 7950 with a Coolermaster silent pro gold 600W Power supply.. I can barely run 1920x1080 on medium i go all the way down to 25fps without anything special going on. I got the new beta drivers tried all graphics combination.. Looks like anti aliasing i think SMAA x2 is the best one but still its no t playable because even with v sync on i get huge peaks while playing from 60-25 and while capped at 60 goes down to 30... Even with vsync off its still unplayable... what do i have to do?
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  1. what i know that it is very powerful pc config needed game ever produced in industry.it is not awakard to see it in ur system
  2. It could be the card had a sapphire 7950 that worked for an hour at very high settings flawlessly and then died lol. But my asus 6850 runs the game at high settings fine

    I have 16gb of ram and fx 8350 at 4.0ghz and a 750watt powersupply
  3. Well, Crysis 3 is suppose to melt the current generation of hardware, but it shouldn't give you that low fps.

    In this Guru3d benchmark, @1920x1200 resolution, the 7950(w/ Boost) can only do up to 48fps on high settings.

    There's definitely something wrong with your card then.
  4. what should i do then in order to fix it.... i mean any other game DMC hitman absolution assassins creed 3 total war shogun 2 planetside 2 far cry 2 it was amazing almost everything maxed out 1920x1080
  5. By the way that benchmark is before the beta.... not even any superclocked model of 660Ti can get higher than any 7950 after the beta drivers if you check some more benchmarks after the driver..... but i didnt see that much of a difference
  6. That benchmark was posted only 20 hours ago. It's also the only (reliable) existing benchmark post I can find for Crysis 3 after the release.
  7. I think i got it fixed getting a minimum of 37 and mostly above 60 everything high but shadows medium
  8. Something is bad wrong. And deadeye is right.. that bench is off because I highly doubt any 660TI is beating a 7950 especially with new drivers. I should know, I have the 7950 and crysis 3. I run the game completely maxed out.

    No reason you should only be able to play on medium and with that low of fps with your setup. Is your CPU overclock stable? An unstable overclock can result in bad performance. Especially if its over heating.
  9. True.
    I'm on a 7950 myself, but I haven't had the chance to run(or even buy, for that matter) Crysis 3 so I can't give my personal experience yet.

    Not sure what's causing it anymore.
  10. When Crysis 3 beta first released AMD cards were behind.. or well, all cards for that matter(even nvidia). But a bit after the beta started, AMD released 2 new driver updates(one for single gpu, and one for crossfire setups) which improved performance by over 50% in Crysis 3.

    So his performance is most likely his overclock unstable or he's possible got crossed drivers/something overheating. I really dunno what else it could be.

    Medium settings with low fps on a 3570k OC'd and an OC 7950? Nah thats def not right. I'm not even running anything with an overclock and I can still play it maxed.. and I have both the 7950 and the 3570k.
  11. i have the 7950, i5 3570k and it runs 50 to 60 fps on high/highest settings. i have post processing on low because that blurs things out and things looks less detailed horrible stuff! and have the shadows and shade on high. the shadows and shade i would say kill the fps the most. also turn vsync off
  12. well the CPU OC is really stable it never goes abovve 72-74 on prime 95 after 15 minutes... The card came factory oveclocked and it never goes above 63 on full load...
    By the way i have a problem while installing drivers, when i uninstall them just when i hit next, the screen goes black so i have to wait 2-3 minutes and then manually restart the computer i have the screen connected through an hdmi cable but i dont know if it matters
  13. How exactly do you go about doing it?

    I suggest either booting into Safe Mode then running Driver Sweeper OR use AMD's official uninstall utility.
  14. I'm having a similar issue. I have the Sapphire 7950 OC and I play Crysis 3 on Low to get constant 60fps+ (i like playing without v-sync).
    I'm also having an issue in the game : there's a button on my GPU that overclocks it in real time or something like that and when it's turned on, the game freezes every 20min or more and I have to press ctrl+alt+suppr to see "Crysis 3 has stopped working". When the button is off I don't have this problem but the game as freaking fps drops (from 110 to 30). I exclusively play in multiplayer so that's why I need at least 60fps.

    If someone has an idea on how to fix the crash issue of the OC button or how to improve the fps, pelase tell me D:

    Also I'm using the latest beta drivers (13.3 beta) because I encounter freezes with the 13.1 drivers. Instead I have small freezes (1sec max) instead of game crash (still with the OC button OFF). It's kinda annoying to play with all those problems so please help me. xD
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