Graphics card or PSU failing

My problem is my ASUS GTX 680 Top keeps crashing :non: in most games what happens is when I am playing a game I start to see artifacts various colors the games lags to a stop fans wined down and black screen I can crtl+alt+del and close the game then run it again and it will run fine untill it does it again.

I have done some test and it just confuse's me more. :sarcastic:

I ran these

Heaven Benchmark 4.0 - Passes with max setting no tessellation Crash's with full tessellation
furbench - Passed 15 min, 30min 1hr.
prime95 24 hour test passed
memtest86 12 hours with no errors

I have done fresh install or windows 7 64bit and the latest drivers no change

My specs are (tested with stock and overclocks)

CPU: i7 3770k
RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR3 1600MHz 4 x 4Gb
SSD: 480Gb Corsair GT (System)
HDD:1Tb WD raptor
HDD:1Tb WD Green
PSU: NZXT HALE 90 850W Modular

Some help would be great.
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  1. Swap the gpu into another system or swap PSUs that's the only way to tell. if you can't is RMA the card
  2. I have no m8's with good enough PC's but I will take the GPU to PC World tomorrow seeing as that's where I got it from.
  3. Monitor the temps and report back.
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