Help me find NEC USB 3.0 Host Controller

i just bought a usb 3.0 expresscard and it came with a compact cd which my dvd player won't play, can anyone help me find the right driver for a dell latitude e6410 laptop. Thanks in advance
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  1. What is the operating system?
  2. windows 7 64 bit. ive tried a couple of drivers but cant seem to get it to work. on the reviews page on amazon a couple of people stated they had the same laptop and it works great
  3. It looks like quite a few manufacturers used the controller (Renesas). I'm trying to remember where I got the driver for my motherboard. I think I got it from Gigabyte. IIRC the installer is buggy to.

    link might not work. Gigabyte, motherboard, x58, GA-X58A-UD3R, has a NEC USB 3.0 controller driver. Might work for you.

    Try un-zipping the driver but don't use the installer. Uninstall any driver that you have, then use the hardware wizard or Update driver from the device manager. Then point to the unzipped folder and find the .inf file. I know I had to beat the crap out of this driver to get it install in Windows.

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