Fastest Graphics system for around 1K

Best Graphics for ~1k

Do to the WC blocks I wanted being out of stock still and some fit issues I am forced to rethink my pick of Video cards, I have narrowed it down to these options and I am having a hard time picking one, I know the 7970 are fast but every review pretty much says they can be loud, I know microstudder is an issue with multi card setups but I do like my eye candy looking at 3x1080 monitors, Nvidia seems to scale better and have less MS all cards will be water cooled in the near future so that is a factor I play D3 Eq2 and do video rendering and conversion

3 GTX 670 2Gb (ref design) VCGGTX670XPB
2 GTX 680’s 2gb (ref design) 02G-P4-2683-KR
4 660Ti 2 Gb (Ref design) VCGGTX660TXPB
GTX 690 EVGA (built in water block) Model #: 04G-P4-2699-K2
3 7950 3gb Model #: GV-R795WF3-3GD
2 7970 6gb 100351-6GVXSR
7990 6gb PowerColor AX7990 6GBD5-2DHJ
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  1. Quote:
    "When it comes to a consistent gameplay experience, the TITAN is head, shoulders and knees above its compatriots. The low standard deviation shown between frame times is a fraction of what other solutions offer, which in turn leads to significantly smoother onscreen performance. For example, the GTX 690 exhibits many of the issues normally associated with dual GPU cards like minor stuttering and outright frame hesitation, a situation the TITAN deftly avoids by virtue of being a single core solution. Gamers won’t have to wait for the latest SLI profile for optimal new game support either. So while the GTX 690 may outclass the TITAN in terms of raw framerate production, the GK110 clearly holds the edge in this key area."
  2. I am not sure I beleive that in my case a single Titan would out class all the other options I listed toms review didn't seem like that would suggest the Titan inless you were doing 3 of them or needed a huge card for a small PC case.
  3. GTX690
  4. The titan gets its pants beat by the 690 in most cases... meaning 2 670s is by far the way to go for Nvidia cards. (The 680 is pointless: it's only 5% faster than a 670, but costs 25-30% more.)
  5. For the cost of the 690 you can almost get three 7970 you could get 3 7950's with change left.
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