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Setting up wireless network in salon

Hello, I have a salon with widows XP, At&t DSL modem (for credit card processing). I would like to hook up wireless internet (probably linksys for customers but also to hook up Pandora music). How do I hook up? DSL phone to modem to wireless? Or visa versa and many of the problems I have read about on line seem to be older posts (is it easier now). Do I need to go in and change to a "bridge" mode??? Novice at this and I do not want to screw it up during business hours. Any suggestions????....Dave
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    From the phone jack that is wired for the DSL, connect to the DSL modem (use the data/phone splitter on the line if you will also use a phone there), connect the larger RJ45 jack on the DSL modem to the router WAN (or Internet) port. You don't need to use a bridge mode -- that is for connecting from one wireless router to another over a distance via wireless.

    Consider what security you need, and set up a guest zone in the router for your customers.
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