Is 1GB of GDDR5 good enough for 1080p gaming?

Hi, just a quick question. I am going to be building my first PC soon and can't decide which graphics card to get. I am on a tight budget and once the pc is built I just want to leave it alone and not add crossfire graphics cards and things like that. As the title of the thread suggests I can't decide between a 1gb or a 2gb xfx 7850. I am only going to playing on a single 1080p display. I will also have my 1080i TV (yes I know but it's old) plugged into the HDMI. I am only going use the TV connection to watch internet vids like bbc iplayer on the TV and my desktop on the pc monitor. So I didn't think that it will us all of the RAM for that. The 1gb is also £45 cheaper so if I got the 2gb I would have to get a dual core cpu instead of a quad core and a worse motherboard which I don't want to have to do.

Some of the games that I want to play are the Day Z standalone and maybe BF3 as well as others. I have been a console gamer so playing on high rather than ultra isn't a massive issue.

Thanks for any replies.
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  1. I would get a 2GB 7850, games nowadays are pushing more than 1GB of vram, specially at that resolution.
    See here for a recent benchmark with crysis 3 :,8.html
  2. If you have the choice go for 2gb. More VRAM doesnt usally mean better performance but the difference between 1Gb and 2Gb will give you an increase in performance.
  3. for 1080p most games are fine on 1gb of vram. Just dont turn on AA.

    Might as well just geta 7870 if you are willing to pay more
  4. The problem is that I am on a tight budget, I can only just afford the 1gb version. I wouldn't ever be gaming with my TV connection turned on as well.
  5. I was hoping to go with xfx as they have a very good warranty, plus the games that come free with the xfx in my opinion are better. If I was only running at 1080p would it make much difference. On the benchmarks that you showed me they were all tested at a higher resolution than 1080p. I also aren't to bothered about dropping the resolution down to something like 1600 x 900.
  6. The games are the same ones, xfx offers the same warranty as those two cards, the xfx cooler is also the same style as the two above.
  7. Do they all provide the same sort of performance except of the memory
  8. This card seems good except for the single fan cooler it is the same as the DD edition that cost £30 more. It also has 2gb of gddr5
  9. mrhello123 said:
    Do they all provide the same sort of performance except of the memory

    Yes, i would get either one of those two with 2GB if it's at the same price as the xfx 7850 1GB, a single fan cooler is suffice for the 7850.
  10. so get the 2gb xfx 7850 with only a single fan
  11. Well, if the xfx 7850 2GB is cheaper than the powecolor or the VTX3D, get it, if not, you might consider one of those two, since you can find both at ~140£.

    Pretty sure it still has a warranty and the like.
  13. That card is actually £140.75 with the vat and shipping and it doesn't appear to have the bioshock infinite and tomb raider games, or it's a typo, if it offers the games, that card is a good choice for the op.
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