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Troubling graphics issue. RadeonHD 7850

I just build my system a week ago, however starting on Thursday I started to notice some visual artifacts on the top and bottom of the screen. Nothing major just my quick launch icons looked patchy. The other more concerning part is my idle temp. Today I started the computer up and it was running at 41c. i have not done anything graphically intense since start up and the temp has gone up to 55c. I thought it was just the card and have since taken it back and put a new one in. I am really concerned about this. any help would be appreciated. All drivers are up to date
pic of stats.
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  1. No overclocking has happened correct? Does this happen with the other card also?
  2. No overclocking at all. Occasionally it runs in mid 30s but for most part it just screams at me while running at 55-ish
  3. How is your airflow? Which driver are you using?
  4. Airflow is good I made sure to route wires behind the back panel as well as I could. I will upload a photo when I get home. Driver is 13.1 I beleive. Will double check that when I get home.
  5. here's the photo of my airflow. Not perfect but hardly an issue (imo).
    As for driver version the device manager is telling me it's version 9.012. I hope this helps.
  6. How is the max temp? Try to run Kombustor on 10 minutes and see if it overheats?
  7. Well apparently i did not have the most current driver installed and it is now running normal. I am going to keep an eye on it however since it has done this before where it works for a while then i restart the computer and the problem returns.

    Thank you for all your help
  8. And I was right I restarted the computer after my last post and the problem came back. this makes me think it is a software issue.
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    This is pretty strange... Usually problems does not come back after a restart. Are you really sure the card has been seated properly? If yes, there is two problems that can exist on the card. First, it's a defective one, Second is a driver problem. I am not sure what happened to the driver, but if it is really a driver problem, if your card game well (not overheating) I think I should leave the issue out without any concern. But if it doesn't really game well then you better RMA it.
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  11. It was definitely a software issue I finally got impatient and re-installed windows and after 2 days of testing it and restarts the problem is gone. I do kind of regret not being more meticulous and trying to find what the bad software or driver conflict was so i could pass along the information but i am even more happy that my new computer doesn't sound like it is going to explode at any moment. :)
  12. Yes good try! I didn't even think that you should try to re-install Windows. But, the important thing is that you should game normally :).
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