I have massive amounts of screen tearing, what do i do?

Doing research I realized that screen tearing is normal in some games and what not, although i want to know why I got it so suddenly, it literally happened just like that. One minute i was playing black ops 2 with 100fps + and that without screen tearing and then next turning to look makes the screen look like crap.. I tried vsync in the game settings and that helps, but I dont want to use vsync for all my games because im sure it reduced fps and thats something im just not a fan off. I want to know if maybe its a hardware error, both my gpu and monitor are under warranties, i can return whichever one the problem is, no problem. Am i missing something? did i maybe mess with some settings somewhere, this is easily the worst computer problem I've ever had, ever. And believe me, thats saying something. Im fairly positive that my gpu is not at fault, i hear overheating could cause problems, my gpu barely reaches 50c under load(but that also depends on what game im playing) highest its ever been is 60c, im not sure if thats bad or not. it idles at between 20-30c. My monitor has caused my problems in the past, but only simple problems. Guys I seriously dont know what to do, please help ;-;
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  1. List your system parts, include make and model numbers.
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