Windows 7 no rear speaker sound

This issue has been solved, did not know how to close it.
If anybody interested or wants to learn, my wife finally had my permission to throw out the couch she hated. When she had it picked up, she found some wire that had been runnung underneath, so she picked up that too. No wonder the French says: look for the woman, - if you need to get to the bottom of a mistery...


I suddenly noticed no sound from the rear speakers. (5+1) W7 64.
I have creative XI-FI elite pro. The creative test would give a faint garbled sound from the rear spekaers, so I know the wiring is connected. However in windows the test sounds are totally off. All obvious settings are as supposed to be.
I did run combofix a few weeks ago, and then I made a windows system restore. I reached the end of my wits. Thanks for any help.
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  1. Can you show a print screen of your Speaker properties?

  2. in any case if needed, user name is and password is seggem
    It is the only picture in Computer folder.
    Thank you for asking although there is nothing there that should shock you. Hope this attaching a pix works, this is the most convoluted way I have eer encountered... But if it works....
    Thanks again, George
  3. You should not expose your any password, anywhere.

    Please upload the screenshot in picpaste like sites so that we can check your settings.

    However, I guess you need the proper configuration in your Speakers->Speaker Configuration. Please go to that section and tell which one you have selected.
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