What psu to use with 670 sli

So how large of a psu would I need for a 670 sli. Might end up oc'ing them after I learn more about it but right now I am only oc'ing my 965 be. Will eventually upgrade my cpu as well. I have 2 displays, a 21in monitor and a 32in tv if that matters.

Not too familiar with psu' so am open to different prices, preferably not above $150 if possible.
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    I like to recommend at least a 750W high quality PSU. But it will depend on what else is drawing power from the PSU, and it will depend on the all-important +12V rail(s) the PSU has. Each GTX 670 is powered by the +12V rail(s) and draws about 14.2A (170W) when maxed out.

    Armed with that knowledge, you can use a good PSU calculator to estimate the wattage of the PSU that you need. And remember, each GTX 670 requires 2 6-pin PCIe power cables.
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