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Temp problem with my EVGA GTX 560 ds ssc

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February 23, 2013 11:29:21 PM

hello ,
please guys i need some help to know if that is normal or not
first my spec:
I5 3470 3.2 GHz
Ram 4 GB 1600 MHz Kingstone Hyper X
Gigabyte P75M-D3
PSU Cooler Master Extreme 525 Watt
HDD 500 GB
Chassis Cooler Master K280
my problem with the gpu is the the temp is very high in games even when i play on high setting (not Ultra)
it reach 80-83 C , while i put the fan speed in 70%,Games Like Ghost Recon Future soldier , Far cry3 , Sleeping dogs ..etc
i always afraid to play more than 1 hour and exit the game for afew minutes then play again
i have a cooler master 120mm fan in the side of the chassis for more cooling for the gpu , and fan speed using msi after burner , put it 70%
all this and the temp still around 80-85 , i feel like if i play on ultra the card will blow up , my screen resolution is 1280*1024
i play in 1024*768 with a bad graphic to avoid the high temp , cant enjoy the games cuz of that
some tell me is that normal?
when i but games on higher res , the temp goes 90-92 , the fps is very good , but the temp annoying me , also the fan voice very high , makes me dont want to play , idle temp 30-35
here's a fan control i made , tell me if there's some thing wrong in it

is that temp is fine? is that becoause its a Super clocked card? i read before that all EVGA cards have bad cooling
the card load and work very fine with max setting or ultra setting
my only problem is the temp

Load=98 %
Fan = 70%
Temp =83 C
is this good for 70% an speed? or it should be lower? or i should go for higher fan speed?

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February 24, 2013 5:48:55 PM

where's the answers
February 24, 2013 7:04:03 PM

I believe that there might be something wrong, I know that the 500 series cards ran hot with Fermi architecture, but hitting 90 degress while at load is dangerous and is probably shortning the life on the card. how is the cooling on the case, i'm not familar with cooler master cases, but if the hot air in the case isn't being vented, than that air is being used to cool the gpu, which is not cooling it. That most likely explains how the fan is at 70% but the temps are still up. hope this helps