Will 7770 work in Lenovo H430

Hi, I recently purchased this computer and am looking to upgrade the video card:

I do not want to change out the PSU and prefer to not play with the BIOS. Not looking for heavy gaming (some gaming, mainly family, plus photo editing and watching video) just performance/power usage with some flexibility to maximize the system while being budget conscious. Basically if it came with the hd4000 I would probably not even bother with a new card, but it comes with the 2500...

I see a few cards that should be compatible with the system/PSU which is 280W I believe. According to the specs:
It can take up to 7570 or gt630 making choices: radeon 5670, 6570, 6670, 7570 (gt630 seems over priced and under performing for the price)

I heard it can support the 7750 which only uses PCI-e for power not additional PSU. I was wondering if the case/slots and PSU can support the 7770 which seems like a better card for barely more money. It needs dual slot, 6-pin, and 80w (7750 is only 55w but more than the 75w max on the slot...)

If someone can confirm the 7770 works, great I will jump on the next deal. If not can someone suggest the best card for the money that will work with the PSU and BIOS? (if there is a card that is worth it and requires BIOS change any help with that is appreciated as well)

Thank you in advance for your attention and any feedback.
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  1. I entered your specs into a psu calculator and according to that, you don't have enough power for the 7750 or the 7770. You would need 311 watts for the 7750, but it would probably work okay for a couple of years until the capacitors on the PSU degrade, then you may have some problems. There really isn't a card out there that will work good with your PSU, so you might want to consider an upgrade. It's really easy to do, you just take out four screws and unplug a fews things then put in the new psu.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.
    So you are saying none of the cards listed on the Lenovo site are actually compatible or represent an upgrade?

    If so can you recommend a good psu/gpu bundle preferably for under $100? Or should I return and seek a better setup, or just leave as is?
    Any guides on swapping psu if that is the best option is appreciated as well
  3. They are compatible, but since you bought a computer from a computer manufactuer, you got a cheap PSU that's just barely good enough to power the computer. Companies like Dell, lenovo, and HP cut corners and buy the cheapest parts they can to try and maximize profits. I would upgrade the PSU, all you have to do is take out the four screws on the back of it. It's located where the power cord plugs in. then you just unplug the power connectors from the hard drive, the DVD drive and there will be a 4 pin, and 24 pin connector on the motherboard. You can find an instructional video if you search youtube. This is a great PSU for $35 after the ten dollar rebate. I bought 3 of these so far and haven't had any problems.
  4. Thanks I will check it out. So if I do upgrade to this PSU which card would you recommend? I believe all listed can be found for $70 or less on sale which will keep me in budget. Will that 7770 work in this configuration or should I go with a different one?
    And will any card change require new BIOS settings?
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    The 7770 would have the most power, but you would have to make sure that you connect the 6 pin pci express power connector to the back of the card when you install it. If you keep your current power supply, the 7750 would be best and requires no 6 pin connector. You won't have to do anything to the bios. If you were to upgrade the processor it might require an update, but you have a good enough processor.
  6. Thanks again for all the help. To recap what you said and make sure I am following correctly:

    My current set up can run 7750 and lower cards

    However any of the cards it can run which represent a worthwhile upgrade will eventually over-tax the PSU potentially causing failure around the 3 year usage mark

    The 7770, which is the best option, will fit and run in this machine but will require a new PSU in the 350-450W Bronze range

    The PSU is easy to swap out and no BIOS change is necessary

    Please correct me if any of the above is off.
    If all is correct I believe I will try out the machine with the hd2500 currently installed and look to follow your advice on PSU/GPU at the first sign of struggle or poor performance.
    If the 7750 will not over tax the PSU I may go with that option as the 7770 seems only slightly better, unless you are also implying I should look to upgrade the current PSU regardless of GPU to extend the life of the machine. Again this is a family machine mainly for my children and I am looking for something that will last a long time with proper upkeep (my current desktop is over 10 years old now but has been struggling the past 2-3 years, I mainly use my laptop)
  7. If your kids plan to do a lot of gaming, you should upgrade the psu regardless of which GPU you decide to get. If they don't plan to game a lot then you would probably be okay with the 7750 at least for a while, but you should upgrade the PSU down the road just to be safe. If the PSU fails it could ruin the whole system.
  8. Awesome thanks!

    With that said I will give the system a try as is and look to upgrade the PSU as suggested, then grab a 7770 next great sale.
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