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ok, so after fooling around on my pc, my cousin wants a rig of his own. apparently he wants the exact same rig as mine, but he is gonna be gaming at 1600*900. could you guys suggest a good gpu for that res?
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    What kind of games is he playing? What settings does he want to run them at? What is his budget? Having no info, my recommendation would be a gtx 650 ti. It runs slightly lower than your gpu and costs around $150. Should be able to run BF3 at Ultra around the resolution at about 60 fps. If you leave some more info (his budget, games, settings for games, etc.), then I may be able to give a better recommendation.
  2. Minimum is gtx 650ti and hd 7850 for future proof.i suggest take hd 7850 for that resolution
  3. 650ti or 7850 1gb depending on his budget and cpu and game preferences
  4. he is playing arkham city, skyrim, the assassins creed series and some fps games which im not quite sure
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  6. then the 650 ti it is
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