Windows 8 " you require Permisson" ??


I am working with windows 8
When I tried to delete a folder that l did not want any more I got this message
" You require permission to make changes to this file"

What type of administrator files do I download and how do I get rid of files that l don't want
and why can you just not delete the file why do you need permission?

Help please and thank you
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    this usually does the trick in windows 7 for those stubborn files

    it should work in 8 as well

    can select whole folders or multiple folders or files then right click
  2. use admin cmd type in
    net user Administrator /active:yes


    How to enable the hiding admin account for login
    1- In the run type: secpol.msc
    2- Find and click on, Local Policies,security options,
    3- Over to the Right in the policy setting, (accounts: Administrators account status) Enable
    Close tht and got to
    1- Run, lusrmgr.msc
    2- Create a new user, or use Administrater, Built-in account for administering.
    3- Right click, Properties
    4- Uncheck, Account is disabled
    If you chose you can change the name and add a password, now when you log off you can have the options to log in as admin, owner of this pc and have controll over all users.

    I do not recommand taking control of the folder I've had issues with 8 doing that
  3. Hi

    thank you for the help
    I got rid of the file


    you are good
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